My mother's love for the game of cribbage inspired me to make these tables.  She not only taught me to play, she was my favorite opponent.  

Thirteen years ago, our cribbage boards were small, and the game track was back and forth.

The small board became an obstacle for her as she got older.  She would ask, "What street am I on?" and lose her place on the traditional size board.  I told her that I would make her a bigger and better cribbage board. 
She cried when I presented her with the original cribbage board coffee table.  She loved the continuous track, the size of the pegs and the pleasure of having such a unique and fun piece of furniture.
Our first game, she beat me in a best of three set!
Intending for it to be a one of a kind labor of love, insistent requests came in, and I made a select number before getting back to my real job!
Today I have resurrected the cribbage board coffee table for the simple pleasure of working with wood and making them available to fellow cribbage lovers. 
I continue to use my original design made in the '90s with new variations of color and wood.  
I hope these tables will enhance both your enjoyment of the game and the decor of the room where they reside.
David Pearson    
The Right Jack                                    
Handcrafted in
Thompson, Connecticut